About Fix the Grid

Learn about our initiative to create a consolidated Western grid.


Learn about our initiative to create a consolidated Western Grid.

Fix the Grid West is an initiative to educate decision-makers and thought-leaders about why consolidated operation of the western electrical grid is the most cost-effective and most critical foundation for meeting carbon reduction goals.

The first step toward a western grid operator is already underway in California, where the legislature is considering a modification to the laws governing the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), allowing it to operate outside of the state. The CAISO governance change is in response to an initiative by PacifiCorp, a major US utility, which has embarked on an initiative to consolidate some, perhaps all, of its grid operations with the CAISO. After first demonstrating the benefits of participating only in the CAISO’s energy imbalance market (EIM), PacifiCorp has “applied” to join the CAISO as a full member, and to place the operation of its high voltage grid with the CAISO.

The PacifiCorp initiative opens the door for a well-conceived regional grid operator that will enable much greater energy efficiency measures and renewable energy development. The Fix the Grid West campaign will develop and disseminate accurate information and analysis to support the right kind of grid operator. Fix the Grid West will:

  • Identify analyses and facts needed to provide a complete picture of the benefits, costs, and impacts of an expanded grid
  • Meet with decision-makers and influencers to present a balanced view of grid expansion, and to advocate for appropriate governance and operations
  • Develop earned media about the benefits of grid consolidation and the need for a more robust platform to support the conversion to a low-carbon grid

Fix the Grid West participants include environmental advocates, clean energy companies, and philanthropic organizations.For a full list of participants, see our Participants page.

Our purpose is to inform and to educate, and to drive home the point that without a western grid operator, the path to a low carbon economy in the west will be slow, expensive, and less reliable. For more information on the initiative’s guiding principles, visit our Principles page.